Economical and Ecological Solution of water footprint

Water is life. Nature has capacity to recycle it. Natural cycle ensures the availability of fresh water to humanity. However, exponential increase in population & rapid industrialization has increased the demand of fresh water by many folds. This is further augmented by increased discharge of untreated waste water. The natural hydrology cycle has reached its threshold limit. This has necessitated the need of cheap, replicable & decentralized solution which can be implemented easily to treat wastewater for further reuse.

Also water is a scare resource, and its avaliblity depands upon time and place. But it is very important for developmental and environmental requirements. But, due to a large amount of tangibility involved in developmental activities, environmental activities find a lower preference. Most of water will be transferred for the human needs, this will create a big amount of water pollution and a low amount of water will be available for environmental upgradation (Activities like plantation or landscaping). As like most of the developmental activities; environmental activities also requires a big amount of water for trees and landscaping. Water consumption growth in the urban human settelment will grow dramatically. But, the quality of living standard will deplete, due to lack of reduction in green infrastructure. We will have to look for a solution that can go hand in hand with urban development.

The problem is further augmented by the climate change problem. Especially developing countries will face big challenges to support the development path. Country like India has larest water foot print in terms of green, blue and grey. Most of the large water source (rivers and lakes) are become polluted to useable limit. Also underground water is depleting at a fast rate. Water is a free resource in India, so people don’t realize its value. Society, agriculture and Industry exploit natural water  reservoir freely and produce almost same amount of pollutanted water.

Wetlands have a capacity to treat the waste water and convert it to portable water. By constructing artificial wetland waste water from households can be treated. The solution is very simple to implement, has minimal installation & maintenance cost and can be easily replicated. The ecological output and impact in monetary terms far outweighs the input cost which makes it economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally responsible system leading to sustainable life on earth.

We are a new venture (Aqua-Sanjivini) who is working for the economical solution of waste water and water need by creating artificial wetlands. It is a further step towards green economy.

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Energy: Luxary or need

“Power belongs to powerful”, this time power comes in form of energy. Those who are living in metros are breathing and sleeping with power only. A single blink of power disrupts the life of these biggest consumer of the energy. On the other hand we have thousands of villages those who have not seen the light of electricity. Another lakhs of village and small towns are there which were deprived of proper energy feed in form of electricity and fuel.

We need energy services for our different daily requirements; like lighting, transportation, cooking and many more. Energy will not be valued if it will not provide services on the cost benefit parameter. All this valued energy sources are in form of fossil fuels. Minor portion of energy comes from nuclear or renewable sources.

These non renewable sources are not going to stay with us for a long time. So the world is switching towards the minor part that is nuclear and renewable sources, but we don’t have enough technology and investment to explore these new opportunity in a full form.

We all are aware that energy is the fuel of economic growth and development. Its demand also fueled, due to rise in population and new technologies. Energy consumption also one of the indicator of Millennium Development Goal.

So, what option is available with us; in between the scare resources and need of development. In present situation we should work on social awareness of ‘efficient use of energy, not as luxury’. This step could full fill the needy requirement. We can’t afford to go on the same path, chosen by the developed countries; who are consuming energy in  multiple amount then us. Specially with escalating fuel prices.

A number of steps have taken by government for creating energy efficient society. Star rating by BEE or Setting emission standard for vehicles are major of them. But more than all of these initiatives a major chunk of energy could be saved by social awareness in different forms. Like making a habit of switching off the unused equipments, using public transports, car pooling, walking for small distances. These steps will create a energy efficient society. As energy saved is energy created, this will fuel our economic growth easily.

60 indicators.

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Many species, one planet, one future.

Many species, one planet, one future.

Human being is one of the species out of millions of species on earth who has empowered by the nature to think and act. So, human becomes the master of all these species and exploits the nature and its resources for their own purpose. Nature is equipped to fulfill the need of human, but not greed of human. This greed of human not only disturbing the balance of nature, but also many species come to an existence. In every ecosystem chain every link is vital so destroying any link may lead to collapse of whole ecosystem. We (humans) are also a part of this earth’s ecosystem so we will also face our existence on earth.
Every creature has its own significance, even if: being as a part of bottom of ecosystem pyramid. And we need to pay a priceless fine for their destruction. Even now we have lots of species which are in endangered condition, and some of them can not be seen any more. So, as a human being not only the part of this ecosystem but also on the top this pyramid, we need to take a step forward for the sake of nature and our own existence.

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“Udaan” – nostalgia for jamshedpur

More at IMDbPro »
Flight (2010)
Udaan (original title)
134 min – Drama – 16 July 2010 (India)
8.5/10 X
Users: 8.5/10 (2,404 votes) 33 reviews | Critics: 16 reviews

Story -Expelled from his school, a 16-year old boy returns home to his abusive and oppressive father.
Director: Vikramaditya Motwane
Writers: Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap

Off course this is a good movie and worth to watch. Also many awards and……….
But concern for watching the movie is to remember jamshedpur. 80% movie’s background is of jamshedpur .Same quarters , roads , parks , hotels , schools , Small scale industry , bank of river, Jubilee park ,zoo ,Hospital.
It is only passed eight months to me for leaving jsr and i am missing it by watching movie (not admiring the movie as a good movie , but enjoying its background) .
I was not local of jamshedpur , but non of the local is left there , as it was a village , more than 100 years ago named sakchi . But still i feel myself attached with that city now. Don’t know why. The same link road where we learnt to ride bike , same place where we enjoys our evening talks. Every morning boy and his father running on that road in movie. Still today it is a daily routine of many people. The kind of flats (as all seems as alike) where i used to live and visit to friends .Hospital where we visit for saying “Get well soon” to colleges.
One thing missed by those film makers is that the local tea shop , Dosa stalls. Ice cream corners , temples and Bistupur (May be these places are of not their interest) . But it would be wonderful.

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Lateral Thinking

A king wants his daughter to marry the smartest of 3 extremely intelligent
young princes, and so the king’s wise men devised an intelligence test.

The princes are gathered into a room and seated, facing one another, and
are shown 2 black hats and 3 white hats. They are blindfolded, and 1 hat
is placed on each of their heads, with the remaining hats hidden in a
different room.

The king tells them that the first prince to deduce the color of his hat
without removing it or looking at it will marry his daughter. A wrong
guess will mean death. The blindfolds are then removed.

You are one of the princes. You see 2 white hats on the other prince’s
heads. After some time you realize that the other prince’s are unable to
deduce the color of their hat, or are unwilling to guess. What color is
your hat?

Note: You know that your competitors are very intelligent and want nothing
more than to marry the princess. You also know that the king is a man of
his word, and he has said that the test is a fair test of intelligence and

Answer: White.

The king would not select two white hats and one black hat. This would
mean two princes would see one black hat and one white hat. You would be
at a disadvantage if you were the only prince wearing a black hat.

If you were wearing the black hat, it would not take long for one of the
other princes to deduce he was wearing a white hat.

If an intelligent prince saw a white hat and a black hat, he would
eventually realize that the king would never select two black hats and one
white hat. Any prince seeing two black hats would instantly know he was
wearing a white hat. Therefore if a prince can see one black hat, he can
work out he is wearing white.

Therefore the only fair test is for all three princes to be wearing white
hats. After waiting some time just to be sure, you can safely assert you
are wearing a white hat.

Thanks to – My dear dobby

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Services Marketing and the Extended Marketing Mix

What is Examination services marketing?

A service is the action of doing something for someone or something. It is largely intangible (i.e. not material). A product is tangible (i.e. material) since you can touch it and own it. A service tends to be an experience that is consumed at the point where it is purchased, and cannot be owned since is quickly perishes. A person could go to a café one day and have excellent service, and then return the next day and have a poor experience. So often marketers talk about the nature of a service as:

Inseparable – from the point where it is consumed, and from the provider of the service. For example, you cannot take a live class room learning in your room .(By any storing medium.) Same way you appear for your examination as per your convenience.

Intangible – It cannot have a real, physical presence as does a product. For example, MBA certificate, These educational services  cannot be touched i.e. it is intangible, Examination result .

Perishable -It is  in that way once it has occurred it cannot be repeated in exactly the same way. For example, In one section what faculty has taught you can  not be repeted in the another section. Again whatever you have scored in one examination (in CAT) can not be repeated next year (Game of a day)

Variability– since the human involvement of service provision means that no two services will be completely identical. For example, Checking the same copy  time and time again for a marking on your answer sheet might see different levels of customer satisfaction, or speediness of work.

Right of ownership – is not taken to the service, since you merely experience it. For example, a student may appear in your examination, but you do not own the service, the student or his equipment. You cannot sell it on once it has been consumed, and do not take ownership of it.

Current economies have seen deterioration in their traditional manufacturing industries (except China ) and a growth in their service economies. Therefore the marketing mix has seen an extension and adaptation into the extended marketing mix for services, also known as the 7P’s – physical evidence, process and people.

Physical Evidence – Part of the Marketing Mix

Physical evidence is the material part of a service. Strictly speaking there are no physical attributes to a service, so a consumer tends to rely on material cues.

There are many examples of physical evidence, including some of the following:

* Big seven pages question (long case studies)
* Web page (For class announcement, lecture material , links)
* Paperwork (A bag full of photocopied material ).
* Brochures (attractive , thick paper made brochures)
* Furnishings.
* Signage (such as those on aircraft and vehicles).
* Uniforms.
* Business cards.
* The building itself (such as prestigious colleges or scenic surrondings).
* Mailboxes and many others . . . . . .

A CAT examination  is packed full of physical evidence. Your tickets have your ID number. logos printed on them, and students looking so studious. The Examination hall (this is now a computer centre) itself could be impressive and have an electrifying atmosphere with full of gadgets. You traveled there and parked quickly nearby, and your seats are comfortable but you can not enjoy , only idea in mind to crack it (not that CRT monitor)

Again as per experts scoring pattern is always in normal curve ,so each time 4% should to fail ,  but as it a service market we have to consider other aspects of service market also .

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Security threat to Information Assets

“Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it, but those who live in the past are also doomed.” a famous quote by George Santayana is truly reflecting the current scenario of information security. When first time Word trade centre attacked people come to know that digester can be also like this for organizations which are to retrieve themselves for months.

As globalization come to a stage where companies are truly multinational and digitalized, that they can be vanished due to failure of security. Now they are making their system more and more secure for data theft and data loss. Now a days current trend of information systems is that people love to interact with others only on social networking sites.  By this way they give all of information or power to others. This makes them vulnerable to be victim of information theft at any time. Knowing the current indulgence of ourselves with IT system and not taking a concrete full proof measure to protect us we are like cutting the same branch on which we are sitting. Protection of IT system has become a multi branched tree, where we have take care of it as wholesome continuously. The world is changing and we need to prepare for natural or manmade
disasters that could disrupt business processes and our life. A number of organizations, countries, people and business have potential to lost and never recovered if business processes are disrupted. The Business can be resumes and restore the operability of systems that has to be insured keeping in mind the broader prospective.

Recently Dell has acquired Secure Works for competing and fulfilling the need of today’s IT Security. The recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) claimed that the use of cyber weaponry will shortly become ‘ubiquitous’ and that politicians can only do so much to protect citizens and the economy from cyber aggression.  Again this would could take care only policy part , but what we do for the most alarming developments of recent years is the dual rise of the hacktivist and the online terrorist. Technology has revolutionized the economy, opening up new organisations that would not otherwise exist, irrevocably altering existing business processes, and creating a whole new set of security risks. The world of information security moves at a rapid pace. New threats emerge, new vulnerabilities have become a constant, and new technologies are built to protect our assets. A standard specifies an information security management system (ISMS) as a means to implement security best practices for IT systems that is ISO 27001. We can implement a number of technical safety measures and policies to protect systems. But another issue is its human interference; that whenever a human interact with system he can left unprotected or he becomes a driver to harm the Information system. So this dimension of security is very important to take care. Again in this group we can make people concessions for  not leaving the system unprotected . The technical fencing for IT system is not only solution but also we have to create social fencing .But what about that group who moves in system, harm it only for enjoyment. If we see nature even animals prey other animal for full filling their physiological need not for enjoyment. But this phenomenon is not applicable on humans. This can be explored positively as  “computer-addicted” individuals studied by researcher Margaret Shotten (1991) reported their primary interest as exploring networks, and viewed breaking security codes and hacking as honorable means of gaining emotional stimulation by challenging and beating security professionals. People are so reluctant for IT security that they can be easily exposed for any kind of problem .We has seen examples of USB where any competitor can easily see access their system. Again revolution is coming for cloud computing where every thing will be on sharing basis , then this vulnerability  will rise many fold. Till now a we have come across cases of  entering in systems of Banks , military and even prime minister offices . This shows our negligence of security.

We have to come out of this problem. As our dependability rises on information system , proportionally we have to strengthen our security system. The strengthening of security system should to from all fronts like physical, policy, technical, social. As we will move in the development phase, everything will be on information system . Our country is still in crawling phase of implementation and regulation of IT system, So this is the right time to make a concrete and broad approach  in terms of policy , laws , create awareness amongst people . Most important step in the implementation of information security will be people.  WE still use unprotected system , and we becomes victim of data loss , theft , hacking  . we even don’t take care of simple habits of keeping a strong password , firewall and other security measures. So te area is very broad and open for us to protect ourselves and  also for hackers and missives’ persons to victimize us.

Safer internet day- 8 februry

Insafe -Insafe is a European network of Awareness Centers promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people. (

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Biodiversity in the form of Diversity.

Diversity is non-uniformity .This theme is applicable on every canvas of our life. We live in a uniform diversity. This is a part of our nature because we as a human being also a part of this vast nature. From ages we are consistently trying to become uniform But still we are diverse .We all have a diverse type of socio ,economic & political state along with different custom , culture & religion. If we take uniformity as food then diversity will be flavour of food. Life without diversity will be lead to stagnation (only vanilla flavor).
To protect life for our future generation we need to protect our co-stakeholder of nature; that is by enriching the environment with diverse organism. By this way we will be able to lead a rich biodiversity. Every organism can flourish in particular set of conditions and everyone linked with many organisms. If we change any feature of nature, consequences will affect us also. Also rearranging all those conditions is not feasible all those time.
Forest is a kind of ecosystem which affects us directly and it is a biodiversity hotspot. We have take a foot step foreword for the sake of ourselves and save biodiversity.

(Year 2010 celebrated as biodiversity year).

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Kukru Khamla (a ecotourism spot)

On the way of field trip in the first year of IIFM , we have visited to Kukru Khamla
If one daffodil is worth a thousand pleasures, then one is too few.” “Kukru” an obscure corner of Satpuda at the border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra is a true reflection of the above words of William Wordsworth. overlooking rampart after rampart of Satpuda mountains, welcomes you in eternal tranquility and peace. Kukru is not a known destination ,and is over shadowed by Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh and Chikhldhara in Maharashtra. Basically kukru is a scenic village on the Maharashtra – Madhya Pradesh border,with a population of 400, at Bhainsdehi, in Betul District. It is situated on the lap of Satpura Range and about 75 km from the district headquarters, Badnur at a height of 3500 feet above sea level. Main livelihood source is agriculture and collection of NTFP like mango ,anola , jamun ,hare , bahera. In some lean season they used to migrate in cities also for work.
Despite lack of amenities, a fine place for hangout for a day or two, having no inference of modern day gadgets mobile, TV etc. One will be required to carry raw food stuff either from Betul or Bhainsdehi. Firewood cooked food becomes sumptuous, after having a walk through the Coffee plantation around. One is at liberty to cook food himself or the Khansama is wonderful in his job. Beware of Sloth bears who may take a chance to taste food if left out in open. Forest Department of MP has developed an eco-center having a few rooms with beds.
There is some story that Satpuda the mountain god wanted to marry Narmada the river goddess and tried to hug her seven times but every time she managed to escape. Thus the seven folds of Satpuda came in to existence. Geology tells us otherwise. From the cliff you can count them, one after another. No wonder nature lovers always find solace in Satpuda.
Despite lack of amenities, a fine place for hangout for a day or two , having no inference of modern day gadgets mobile ,TV etc. One will be required to carry raw food stuff either from Betul or Bhainsdehi. Firewood cooked food becomes sumptuous, after having a walk through the Coffee plantation around . One is at liberty to cook food himself or the Khansama is wonderful in his job. This could be interesting change in our busy life. Also beware of Sloth bears who may take a chance to taste food if left out in open.

Forest Department of MP has developed an eco-center having a few rooms with beds.
These rooms can be booked from Bhainsdehi forest office. An old Shiva temple built of carved stones is the worth visiting spot in this vicinity. People of kukru still grow kutki , (Picrorhiza kurroa), matki and jagni.
Future prospects—
• A good spot of ecotourism can be developed.
• The village is a major site for the wind power generation in the state.
• Organic farming can be developed (People already working with natural and basic style of agriculture).
• Their current agriculture produces contains medicinal value. Which can be explored.

It is a dire need of watershed development & its potential to be developed as an ecotourism spot.
Different spot-
1. Swapnil Health zone
2. Coffee Garden
3. Hill view Point
4. Wind point
5. Pine Plantation
6. Dilkash Manjar
7. Sun rise Point
8. Valley view point
9. Sun set point
10. Sipna Darshan
11. Bhondia kund darshan

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Talakona (An community ecotourism)

On the way of field trip in the first year of IIFM , we have visited to Triputi (A.P.).

Talakona is located in NERABAILU Village in Yerravaripalem Mandal of Chittoor District. It is located 36 kilometres (22 mi) from Piler, 49 kilometres (30 mi) from Tirupathi, 220 kilometres (140 mi) from Chennai, and 105 kilometres (65 mi) from Chittoor and 250 kilometres (160 mi) from Banglore.
The Talakona waterfall, also known as Sri Venkateswara park. With a 270 feet (82 m)-fall, Talakona is the highest waterfall in the Andhra pradesh state. Talakona is also known for the Lord Siddeswara Swamy Temple, which is located close to the waterfall.
Talakona is situated in the forest of Thirupati wildlife management circle. With its rich flora varied fauna, unique topographical features like hillock valley plateau escarpments, cascading waterfalls provide good destination for ecotourism.
Talakona literally means head hill in Telugu (tala – head and kona – hill). However, Thalakona allegorically means “the head of the Seshachalam hills” as these mountains are believed to be the starting point of the Tirumala mountain ranges.
The Talakona forests host certain rare and endangered species of animals like Slender Loris, Indian Giant Squirrel, Mouse Deer, Golden Gecko, Panther, Porcupine, Chital and Sambar. Endemic species like Red Sander, Cycas beddomeii and Enteda like giant plants are also found in this region. The forest is mostly covered with sandalwood trees with some valuable medicinal plants.
There is a beautiful waterfall falling deep into the valley from solid rock cliff on the upper reaches. According to the local residents, it is said that the origin of water is difficult to be traced out since an underground stream suddenly surfaces here and this water has healing properties since it passes through lot of herbs of medicinal values.
There is a 240 meter long canopy rope walk, about 35 to 40 feet height, giving a thrilling experience to the visitors while walking. There are mighty trees around with birds and monkeys accompanying during the canopy walk. There are number of trek routes in different categories giving an option for you to choose a route that fits you.
The waterfall is amidst beauty and greenery. The water of the Talakona is enriched with herbs and people believe that it has healing properties. Talakona was declared as Bio-Sphere Reserve during 1989-90 because of wide variety of plant species present in the region . A long and treacherous trekking route leads to the top of the hill, which can be reached by multiple paths. Talakona hills geographically are considered a part of Eastern Ghats. The Scenic locations and forests make it an ideal place for film shootings and form the backdrop of many Telugu movies like Bobbili Raja, Jalsa etc.

Talucona Ecotourism Centre:
Activities: Trekking, Waterfalls visit, Wild animal sighting, Bird Watching, Boating, Jungle safari drive, Canopy walk.
Facilities: Log huts complex (Log huts, Dormitory and Cafeteria), Jungle Safari vehicle, Eco-trail paths, Guide facilities, Prakruti (Forest product sales)

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